Sponsor family from ukraine to canada

Sponsor Family From Ukraine to Canada

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As the crisis in Ukraine rages on, millions of people have had to flee from their homes and cities. Some escape to a bordering country while others will now have the chance to come to Canada.

During times of humanitarian crisis, Canada has always stepped up to welcome those affected. This situation is no different and can be considered even closer to heart as Canada is the home to the 3rd largest Ukrainian diaspora in the world, with a total of 1.4 million people of Ukrainian heritage.

The government of Canada will be introducing a few new pathways to allow for an “unlimited” migration of Ukrainians into the country.

Within 2 weeks, the Canada-Ukrainian authorization for Emergency Travel will open up for any Ukrainian desiring to come to Canada on a temporary basis initially for up to 2 years. All applicants will be able to apply for open work permits which allows employment with any employer in Canada.

The details of an expedited family sponsorship program will also be released in the coming days. As of now, if your spouse/partner or children are Ukrainian nationals, you can submit an application under the normal Family Class sponsorship program, with expedited processing.

Moreso, unvaccinated Ukrainians already holding temporary resident visa/permit or an approved permanent residence application will be allowed into the country.

Any Ukrainian nationals in Canada will be able to easily extend their temporary visitor, study or work status and even transition into a work permit for those that don’t have one already.

For any Canadians in Ukraine at present, the government will prioritize their passport applications and provide travel documents for the immediate family members of a Canadian PR or citizen.


As soon as more details are announced about the various program changes listed above, we will bring it to your attention.

As of now, if you require assistance for emergency travel documents for Canadians in Ukraine and their immediate family members please contact us.

9 thoughts on “Sponsor family from ukraine to canada”

  1. richard vanderploeg

    we are Canadian citizens, age 73 large house and would consider having Ukraine family to live with us, younger age preferred as our home is two levels.
    please advise

  2. Hi we would be interested in helping a family here sponsor a family who comes to Canada. We live in Ottawa. What I mean is help out a family who is taking in people from Ukraine. We would buy food, clothing and supplies when needed to help out a family who takes members of the Ukraine. Thank you. JoJo

  3. We have a large house and would gladly sponsor an Ukrainian family. We speak Polish so communication would be challenging but possible. I visited Ukraine when I was 8 and was surprised how quickly I picked up the language.

  4. We have extra space in our home and would be happy to help a displaced Ukrainian family or single person. Please let us know how to proceed with sponsorship.

  5. Garry and Lynda Hewitt

    Garry and Lynda Hewitt
    We would be very interested in helping out a Ukraine Refugee family. We have a 3 bedroom home with just the two of us.
    A Mother and her young children (1 or 2) would be ideal. We are located in Richmond Hill, Ontaro.

  6. Cameron Happychuk

    As a third-generation Ukrainian-Canadian, who was born in Manitoba and now lives in Ontario, I would gladly offer accommodation to those who are in need. Please let me know once you have more information. Thank you.

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