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Sorell Sonara is an Edmonton-based, licensed, professional Canadian Immigration Consultant, and a member of the College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants. After graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Alberta, he pursued an Immigration Consultant Diploma from Ashton College. Immigrating to Canada at a young age with his parents, he understands the struggles and balance of cultures that is needed, especially amongst young immigrants. Therefore, we consider it a duty to provide detailed information about cultural norms and differences to our clients, allowing them to make quick transitions into their new lives in Canada. We serve customers from all over the world, and across many cultures, to navigate Canada’s immigration system

Our team speaks English, Hindi, Gujarati, and French.

Immigrating to Canada at a young age with his parents, he understands the struggles and balance of cultures that is needed, especially amongst young immigrants. Therefore, we consider it a duty to provide our clients information about cultural norms and differences allowing them to make a quick transition into their new life in Canada. We serve clients from all over the world across many cultures to navigate Canada’s immigration system.

Only Canadian Immigration Consultants and Lawyers are eligible to provide advice and guidance on matters related to immigration. To check if a Consultant is licensed, click here.

Although a lawyer can be a better option for challenging cases, especially for matters before Federal Courts, hiring us as your Immigration Consultant will provide you with the same expert advice for many immigration matters that allowed our previous clients to successfully navigate Canadian Immigration issues related to family sponsorships, PR applications and Temporary Residence.

We value your safety and trust above all else. Choose us for your Immigration Services!

Read some of our reviews below from people we’ve helped as an immigration consultant in Edmonton.


“We were looking to open up a business in Canada and came across Express Lane Immigration Consultants in Edmonton. They guided us through the whole process and we successfully got an owner operation LMIA and work permit.” – P. Jones

“Wow I can’t believe I got my Express Entry PR within 2 months and 20 days; such a fast process! Thanks for the paper work, Sorell, you are a master of consultancy and knowledgeable person. I would recommend you to everyone” – N. Massey

“We appreciate his help very much; he is hard working and very helpful; he was very positive for our P.R. We were able to get family sponsorship to join our lonely aunt here in Edmonton, Canada” – N. Mankiwala

“We were so confused about the adoption process, especially as our new daughter was in Africa. He eased our worries and helped us bring our adopted daughter to Canada.” – R. Tuller

“Being in the restaurant business, we are always dealing with high staff turnover. Express Lane gave us LMIA foreign workers that are loyal and talented, which takes a huge burden off me while the restaurant runs smoothly.” – R. Ratna

“Good service, a very nice man to work with and very cheap.” – B. Mutabazi

“Excellent service, very knowledgeful and professional consultation, who helped us with spousal sponsorship in Edmonton.” – H. Chawda

“Great service, I would highly recommend my friends and family for any immigration application service. Thanks!” – R. Singh

“Excellent customer service, the best immigration experience ever! I applied for a PR for me and my husband. They are really knowledgeable and very helpful. A right place to get all questions answered. Highly recommend 100%.” – R. Patel

“My mom’s Super Visa was rejected 3 times in the past, but they were able to get it approved.” – P. Draper

“The best consultancy for all kind of visas. I consulted Sorell through a friend. Sorell is a decent and good person who answers your every question regarding your status very patiently. I applied for spousal work permit within Canada and received work permit in less than three months. The process was smooth and simple; didn’t have any complications. Thanks, Sorell. I would strongly recommend this for everyone.” – V. Kumar

Our Immigration Consultant provides honest and dependable guidance for you and your dear ones. People from around the world have chosen Express Lane for their immigration needs!

CHRIS PENN – Business Development

Originally hailing from Buenos Aires, Argentina, he first came to Canada in 2003, and Alberta has been his home ever since. He and his family have lived in Spruce Grove since 2007

He is a Communications, Marketing, Advertising, Sales, PR professional, and Social Media expert, with extensive experience in creating Marketing programs and communications.

He possesses the ability to naturally connect with people of all backgrounds and walks of life, building productive relationships with clients and partners, as well as to provide leadership to team members

He actively supports the Northern Alberta Make-A-Wish Foundation.