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Extend your visitor visa

People come to Canada for many different reasons on a temporary visitor visa including for vacation, visiting family, attending conferences, parent’s Super Visa and more.

The information presented below is meant for all types of visitor visa application including Super Visa.

Depending on your nationality, when you first come to Canada you would have applied for a visitor visa or an electronic travel authorization (eTA) (visa-exempt countries).

The initial visitor visa in your passport is granted for 10 years at a time or until the passport expires. This does not mean you can continuously stay in Canada for the entire time period. It only means you can enter again within the duration of the visitor visa without reapplying for it. The typical time period of stay for each time you enter Canada is determined by the border security officer and should be stamped in passport with a date of entry and exit (picture). Usually, it is valid for 6 months of stay at a time. Super Visa are granted for stay up to 2 years in Canada at a time.

If you want to stay longer than this end date, you must apply for a visitor visa extension also known as a visitor record. This also applies to people in Canada from visa-exempt countries (eTA holders) or for Super Visa extensions.

A visitor record, if granted to you, is a document that will eventually be mailed to you as a paper copy that will continue to give you legal stay in Canada as a visitor with a new exit from Canada date.

People on a study or work permit can also apply for a visitor record to switch their status from student or worker to visitor. This is usually done when their study or work permit is expiring but they wish to stay in Canada for an additional time period.


Left: Multiple entry visitor visa

Right: The stamped date shows entry into Canada and the written date shows the date by which you must exit Canada.


Can I leave and re-enter Canada with a visitor record?

A visitor record does not grant you re-entry into Canada. It is only meant for extending your stay in Canada. If you leave and want to re-enter, you must apply for a new Temporary Resident Visa (TRV). You may only re-enter if you’re coming directly from USA or Saint Pierre and Miquelon.

When should I apply for a visitor visa extension / visitor record?

Canadian visitor visa renewals should be 30 days before the expiry of your current status. Your current status could be as a student, worker or visitor. If your current status expires, you will have to apply for a restoration of visitor status instead.

What is the price to extend a visitor visa?

It is a $100 government fee to extend the visitor visa. There might also be an $85 biometrics fee if it was not already done within the past 10 years. This is payable after uploading the documents into your online application and before submission.

Apply for a visitor extension

Apply online by signing in to your CIC account or creating a new one here: https://www.canada.ca/en/immigration-refugees-citizenship/services/application/account.html

You must upload the following documents for this application:


Face photo

Form IMM 5708 https://www.canada.ca/content/dam/ircc/migration/ircc/english/pdf/kits/forms/imm5708e.pdf

Financial proof

Other supporting documents as required

What if my status expires while the extension is in process?

If you submitted your visitor visa renewal application before the expiry of your current status, you can continue to stay in Canada legally on “implied status” until a decision is made on the application. Processing time can take 3-6 months and a new visitor record is granted for an additional 3-6 months.

How many visitor extensions can I apply for?

There is no set rule on how many visitor extensions you can apply for. However, after the 3rd or 4th time the immigration officers will start rejecting your application because it does not look favorably on you. A visitor visa a temporary visa and it should not be a gateway to continuously prolong your stay in Canada. At this stage, you should leave Canada and come back again in the future.

Can I apply for a Fully new Visitor Visa in Canada?

To apply for a new visitor visa from inside Canada, you must be either a student or worker. Visitors cannot apply for a new visitor visa from inside Canada, they can only apply for an extension.

The benefit of a new visitor visa is for those who want to leave and return to Canada again.