Income (LICO) Requirement for Super Visa

what is the required income or funds for a super visa?

lico for super visa

The Super Visa is a Temporary Resident Program just like a normal visitor visa but with a few major differences. It is catered towards sponsoring your parents or grandparents, it has certain income requirements and requires you to buy proper medical insurance coverage in case of emergencies arising while your parents are in Canada.

 To meet the income and funds requirements for applying for a Super Visa, you can use 1 or more of the following documents. The income requirements can be met with a household income, meaning you can combine your and your spouses’ incomes together.  

          Your tax return/notice of assessment

          T4 from your job

          A letter from your employer stating mentioning your title, job description, hours of work and salary

          Proof of other sources of income such as investment funds, pension

          A letter with proof of income from your accountant

In addition, we will include the super Visa insurance policy here as well since it deals with financial matters.

Subscribe to a minimum of 1-year Super Visa insurance policy that covers health care and hospitalization for a minimum of $100000.


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Below are the income requirements for Super Visa based on your family size. This includes you, your spouse, any dependents, the parents you wish to sponsor and any other persons that were sponsored or co-signed for in the past.

For example, if you are married with 3 kids and want to bring your 2 parents, the income requirements for your family would be based on 7 people.

          1 person: $25921

          2 people: $32270

          3 people: $39672

          4 people: $48167

          5 people: $54630

          6 people: $61613

          7 people: $69598

          Each additional person: $6985

Remember, this income figure is your combined household income.

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Learn more about Super Visa extension or renewals. 

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