AINP Express Entry Requirements 2022

The AINP – Express Entry Stream is one of the 2 AINP programs offered to qualified individuals showing ties to Alberta or having the skillset that Alberta needs.

What are the AINP Express Entry Requirements for 2022?


Any candidate interested in the Alberta Provincial Nominee Program Express Entry

 must first have an active profile in the EE pool, which requires being qualified under Federal Skilled Worker/Trades or Canadian Experience Class with a minimum CRS score of 300.

Your primary occupation used for your EE profile should be an occupation that promotes AB economic development and diversity.

Some factors that will increase the chance of getting nominated include having an AB job offer or experience, graduation from a Canadian/Albertan institute, close family members living in AB, or knowledge of French.

Some factors that may decrease your chance of getting nominated include: having an Express Entry profile expiring within 4 months, being in a primary occupation that is on the AB ineligible occupation list or Refusal to Process LMIA list or has a high volume of submission for AINP processing. These occupations do not promote economic growth or diversity for AB at this time.


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