Saskatchewan PNP PR Rules for International Students

saskatchewan PNP PR Rules for International Students

SINP eligibility

Saskatchewan is a great province to study as an international student and eventually gain permanent residence to Canada. As you will see below, there are some key advantages of applying for PR in this province. So here are the Saskatchewan PNP PR rules for International Students. 

The province is growing constantly and needs a constant stream of new talent to fill many in demand roles. Let Express Lane Immigration help you with your immigration matters.

Graduates from Other Province

If you’ve graduated from a post secondary program ANYWHERE in Canada with a degree, diploma or certificate and want to apply for Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) here are the eligibility requirements. 

After acquiring your Post Graduate Work Permit you will need to gain at least 6 months of work experience in Saskatchewan in a job related to your field of study. You must also have a permanent fulltime job offer in your field of study in a NOC 0, A, B occupation from a Saskatchewan employer. 


You must have a valid SINP Job Approval Letter. 

Graduates from Saskatchewan

As a graduate from SK, you will also need 6 months of experience in Saskatchewan itself, however, your work experience could have been gained from on and off campus work, co-op terms and from time spent within your Post Graduate Work Permit. You must have completed your study program before applying for SINP and already have your PGWP. 

The other factors mentioned above (Graduates from other provinces) still apply, regarding the type of job and job offer.

SINP language Requirements for International Students

Saskatchewan SINP is one of the few provinces where IELTS or another language test is not required for the Student Category. This is great news for students and one of the many reasons why they should choose SK as their province of choice to study in Canada. 

As an international student, you have most likely taken academic IELTS when first coming to Canada so taking another language test after spending 1-3 years in Canada, where your English skills would have increased, is redundant. It also saves you time and money allowing you to apply for PR faster. 

Processing times are also relatively faster compared to other provinces. Check processing times for SINP applications. 


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